Maintain and care for your sunnies by doing the following:

  • Use a micro fibre or lens cloth to wipe away smudges and light dirt on the lens.

  • Apply lens cleaner onto a lens cloth and wipe away more difficult to remove dirt your sunnies.

  • Be gentle when you handle your sunnies to avoid bending the alloy frame, arm hinges or distorting the nose bridge feet.

  • Avoid exposing your sunnies to any moisture (chlorinated water, sea water, sweat).

  • Keep your sunnies in the glasses sleeve or Anca Collection faux leather case to avoid scuffing and scratching the lenses.


Caring for your eyewear chains:

Maintain the shine of your eyewear chains just as you would with your fashion jewellery. Avoid applying liquids, perfume, cosmetics, hair or body products before wearing your sunglasses chain and store them a dry place.

Eyewear chains are classed as fashion jewellery, therefore, they may tarnish over time.

Tried and tested in non-chlorinated fresh water - non-tarnishing up to 1 year. Dry with a soft cloth and store in a dry place after wearing.

Please note that different chains will wear differently and may change appearance over time.